Room Selection 2024

Room Selection in Six Easy Steps

  • Room Selection is an annual process during which current eligible students select on-campus housing for the following academic year.
  • Students can participate as an Individual or a part of a Lottery Group to pick into corridor- and suite-style upperclass residence halls.
  • Quick Start Guide for the Housing Lottery (PDF)


What About Incoming Students?

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Learn About the Process

The best way to prepare for Room Selection is to do your homework: confirm if you are eligible, attend an info session, watch Room Selection videos, or read the 2024 Lottery Guide to learn more about what to expect.

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Understand Your Point Value

All students participating in Room Selection are assigned a point value based on their graduation year. The point value is used to determine the student's Individual or Group Lottery Number.

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Explore Our Residence Halls

Check out photos, videos, and floorplans for the upperclass residence halls. During the Lottery, students will be able to see which rooms are available to select.

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Register Your Housing Intent

All current residential students must register on the Housing Portal, even if they intend to move off-campus, study abroad, take a leave of absence, or already have a room assignment (see below).

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Forming Groups

Students may form a Lottery Group after registering for Room Selection. There are staggered deadlines to form groups for the 4, 5, 6, and 123 Lottery.

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Select a Room

Students will be provided a Selection Time, based on their Lottery Points. This will determine when students may log into the Housing Portal to select a room.


Are You Part of a Pre-Assigned Group?

  • Students in the groups below must register for Room Selection & sign a Housing Contract (otherwise, they will lose their housing).
  • Because they already have a room assignment, they will not participate in the Housing Lottery.

CARDS Pre-Lottery Housing Accommodations & Pull-Ins

Students who need accommodations for a disability or medical condition. They may request a friend (Pull-In) to be placed with them.

RAs & Pull-Ins

RAs are assigned to rooms by the Res Life office. In some buildings, RAs can choose other students to live with them (Pull-Ins). Details will be provided to applicants hired as RAs for next year.

Columbia Greek & SICs

Students may apply to be in a Special Interest Community or may be assigned to a Greek chapter house.

Are You Currently or Planning to Study Abroad?

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